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Connections is an Emergency Shelter. People with a housing crisis will be able to come to Connections and be connected with the appropriate supportive services provided by our community partners. Our goal is to end homelessness. Connections is not a faith based program nor do we provide religious services. We do provide upon request information regarding local faith based organizations and their services. Attending a specific faith based service is not a requirement of staying at Connections.

HUD (Housing and Urban Development) defines it as “any facility the primary purpose of which is to provide temporary or transitional shelter for the homeless in general or for specific populations of the homeless”. The key here is temporary. Connections is not a destination but a provider of connections to services targeting a specific need of a person in a housing crisis to help them obtain stable housing. Guests may stay at Connections Emergency Shelter for up to 60 days. Extensions can be granted for individuals who are making progress on housing through regular meetings with their case manager. Exits can occur before 60 days if no progress toward housing is being made.